10 cute Easter activities for creative kids

 - written by Kristi from @Boho.and.cub -

Easter, a time of celebration, of magical bunnies and enough chocolate to send our children soaring on a sugar high. For many, it's a time where their own childhood traditions are remembered, and new ones created. The memories I've made each Easter have followed me into motherhood, and still makes me nostalgic each time the holiday season is upon us. My family celebrated each Easter morning in our small hometown church, barely containing our excitement to get home and embark on our beloved easter egg hunt, most of which we would devour on the same day. 
Join me for a trip down memory lane as I share 10 Easter crafts that most of us would remember from our own childhood, crafts that you can enjoy as a family, making the lead-up to Easter that little bit more special.  

[image via @Boho.and.cub featuring Daisy Cot sheet and My First Easter Plaque]

Easter Bunny Cards - Set up a little craft station for the children to make their own cards, a few pieces of folded cardboard, some printed eggs and bunnies (or hand-drawn) some paint or pencils, a few collage materials and cotton balls to glue for that cute little bunny tail. Your children will love handing them out to their friends for Easter!
Sensory Easter Play - One of my favourites for my own girls, this takes a little time to make and source the materials initially but once it is done, you'll get hours of fun out of it! Start with a base (rice, lentils, oats) add some little easter decor (chicks, bunnies, eggs - you'll find these at any cheap shop), add some scoops and bowls, and voila, endless fun (and mess!) If your child loves sensory play like mine do, Little Wriggles Sensory has a gorgeous range of kits and her Easter kits are always a delight! (She also sources the cutest little figurines and decor, which means more time saved for the actual play!)

Baby and toddler on a waterproof playmat playing with an Easter sensory tray[image from @Boho.and.cub featuring our French Linen x Waterproof Playmat]

Natural Collage Eggs - Collect some natural materials in your local neighborhood park or backyard (think leaves, feathers, small gumnuts, flowers etc.) and cut out a few cardboard eggs for your child to decorate. A easy activity to get them outside exploring and engaged in nature and craft.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt - For the older ones, this is a great way to put on the detective hat and really drag out the Easter Egg Hunt. Write some clues (makes them as easy or hard as you like) and sit back with a coffee while the kids are happily occupied!
If you aren't so creative with the clues (like me!) I've linked here a site with written clues where the hard work has already been done for you!

  Easter egg hunt - coloured eggs hidden in long grass[image via Pinterest]

Easter Bunny paper plate - I made enough of these Paper Plate bunnies each year that we surely had none left for any picnics, but it was always one of my favourite activities. Start with a plate and let your child go wild with collage materials, cardboard, pens and paint (if you're brave). A quick, easy set-up and as clean or messy as you like!
Easter Cookies: You're already on the sugar train, so why not pop some baking into the mix with some Easter themed cookies. I try to make our baked treats as healthy as possible so I don't feel so bad about consuming more than I should and these Healthy Oatmeal Cookies are easy to make AND taste delicious. Add a few colourful MnM's on each cookie and there you have it, Easter Cookies!

Oatmeal easter cookies[image via gimmedelicious.com]

Easter Bunny EarsBring a little imaginative play into the season as your children make their own Easter Bunny ears. You can print the bunny ears off here or encourage them to draw their own. Provide a variety of materials and watch their creativity flow. Pop their ears on and watch their excitement as they transform into little bunnies.
Egg Painting - Grab some wooden eggs from the craft store and lay out some paint, some brushes and other little materials ( eco-glitter, small sequins, small felt dots). Alternatively drain a real egg (you'll need to help for this one Mums and Dads) grab some acrylic paint and create your own beautiful easter decor. Just be careful not to smash your finished masterpiece!

Hey Mumma Co. linen playmat with Easter decorations[Image via @Boho.and.cub] 

Marbled Paper Easter EggsCut out a few large paper eggs and lay them in a tray with sides. Cover them with shaving cream and get your kids to spread it around and squirt some dollops of paint across the egg. Pop a marble or two on the paper (or use a plastic fork or paddle pop stick) and let the fun begin as they create patterns by rolling the marble around. If your kids love making a mess (who's doesn't!) this could be a good one for the outdoors.

Toilet Roll ChicksNothing better than utilizing all the materials you have on hand and this one is all in the name. Grab a few empty toilet rolls and cut them in half, then set up your activity with yellow paint, crepe paper, some googly eyes and little orange paper beaks. A cute, easy activity, and a perfect one to recycle the toilet rolls with.
I hope your little ones love these as much as mine do! Wishing you a very Happy Easter!
Kristi from @Boho.and.cub
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