How to spring clean your baby's room

It's a New Year and nothing feels better than starting the year off with a clean and tidy house. 
A baby's room often needs clearing out every few months as they grow move up into the next size and outgrow toys. 

There is no better time for a good Spring Clean and here are my top tips: 

1. Grab 3 boxes and head for your little ones room. Label them DONATE, STORE, BIN.

Start by sorting through the wardrobes and drawers.
Anything your baby has outgrown, put it into a box that will either be donated, stored for future or for the bin if it's too stained and over worn.
Go through your babies books and toys that might be in their room and see what they no longer need. Is your little one too old for a rattle now? If so, store anything that may be sentimental to you and donate the rest. 

Baby girl nursery wardrobe


2. Now it's time for deep clean

  • Start by opening up the window to let fresh air in
  • Wipe over ceiling fans, windowsills, skirtings
  • Disinfect and santizer nappy changing stations, books and toys.
  • Pull out any rugs to air out and vacuum entire room including under the cot
  • Air out the mattress and strip the cot. Change the mattress protector and sheets. Shop for new cot sheets if needed.
  • Wash any stuffed toys - i know how much my son loves his stuffed frog and I can only image how much droll the poor frog has endured. Add all the stuffed toys in a delicate cycle and let them air dry. If they are delicate you might want to use a laundry bag to protect them. 
  • Finish with a good vacuum, ensuring you reach under all the furniture. 

Rattan basket filled with stuffed baby toys
3. Organise
Now that the room is clean and tidy, you can put all furniture back and organise the room. 
Place all clothes back in the drawers and even consider heading to Kmart or Ikea for storage solutions.
Use items like nappy caddy's to keep the space clean and tidy. 

Now it's time for you and your little one to enjoy the room!

Image of clean and tidy nursery drawers
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