Postpartum checklist: The first 6 weeks

How wild is that first 6 weeks?
Hudson is 6 weeks old today (which I cannot believe) and I honestly forgot about the amount of ‘admin’ that comes with having a baby. When you're sleep deprived and suffering from baby brain it can be quite overwhelming; so I thought I’d put together a checklist for all the expecting mummas out there.

Tick them off one by one and remember to pour yourself a cup of tea and breathe when the Centrelink website crash's on you for the 5th time ✌🏻

Let me know if I missed anything off the list?

Forms to complete

  • Register you baby's birth with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Add your baby onto your Medicare card
  • If applicable, add your baby onto your Private Health Insurance
  • If applicable, apply/complete your application for Government Paid Parental leave

Appointments to make:

  • Community nurse check (within the first 4 weeks)
  • 6 week vaccinations for bub with the GP
  • 6 week postpartum check up for you with your OB/midwife
  • 6 week Women's Physio health check up for you

* this list is applicable for Aussie Mums only*

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